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Essence of English II

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Welcome to the Essence of English Wiki for Second Quarter!

Check this page for class resources.


Unit 1:  Of Mice and Men



  • George Milton – Jake
  • Lennie Small – Olivia///Matt  
  • Candy – Sarah
  • Curley –   Brady
  • Curley's wife- Sara
  • Slim- Nick
  • Crooks- Matt
  • Carlson- Anthony
  • Whit – Levi
  • The Boss-  Michael

Here are context research projects to give us background on Of Mice and Men.

 Reseach projects.doc 


Here is the Recipe for a Research Essay to help you write an A+ research paper.

Recipe for a research essay.doc


Here are the vocabulary words we will learn as a class:



Here is the Recipe for an Essay for a literary analysis of the book

Recipe for An Essay---detailed.doc 


Here are some creative project options for a final project on the novel

Wild Card Handout.doc


Unit 2:  Night


Here are the vocabulary words for Night 

Night Vocabulary.doc 


Here are the notes on the Holocaust

Notes on the Holocaust.doc


Our study guides and projects are not avaialable electronically for Night yet; sorry :)


Follow the link below to write a found poem on a survivor.




Unit 3:  Romeo and Juliet


We will be acting out the play; everyone in class will play one of the parts :)

Cast List- Romeo and Juliet  20 people needed
ABSENT: Sam, Michael, Sara
Brian                            Escalus                         Prince of Verona                                                                    
Sam                             Paris                             Supposed to marry Juliet                                   
Matt                              Mr. Montague                                                                                      
Olivia                            Lady Montague                                                                                    
Brady                            Romeo Montague                                                                                 
Jake                              Mercutio                         Romeo’s funny friend                                      
Jake                              Benvolio                          Romeo’s sweet friend                                       
Chris                             Balthasar                      (Romeo’s servant)                                            
Matt                               Abraham                      (servant to Montague)                                                       
Levi                               Mr. Capulet                                                                                          
Sarah C                        Ms. Capulet                                                                                       
Annie                            Juliet Capulet                                                                                        
Anthony                        Tybalt                           (nephew to Capulet)                                         
Phil                                Sampson                      (Capulet servants)                                             
Aaron                            Gregory                        (Capulet servants)                                             
Rachel                           Nurse                                                                                                   
Racheal                        Peter                            (Juliet’s nurse’s servant)                                    
Levi                                 Friar Laurence                                                                                      
Nick                              Friar John                                                                                             

Audrey                An apothecary         



Here are the vocab words we will learn

Romeo and Juliet vocab list.doc 


Here is the research project for Romeo and Juliet

Shakespearean research project.doc


Here are the resources for the project

Shakespeare Resources.doc


Here is the way it will be graded

Shakespearean project rubric.doc


Here are some writing topics for literary analysis of the play

Literary Analysis Essay.doc 


Here is a letter poem assignment for the play






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