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Diverse Voices (CIS Literature)

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Welcome to our class wiki...click on the text below, to take you to the page you'd like to see :)


Quarter 1---9 weeks of class


Week 1 Syllabus; literary criticism; The Doll’s House; and The Yellow Wallpaper

Week 2 Beloved (due September 10th)

Week 3 Their Eyes Were Watching God (due September 17)

Week 4 Invisible Man (due September 24)

Week 5 In the Time of the Butterflies (due October 1)

Week 6 Solar Storms (due October 8)

Week 7 Obasan (due October 15)

Week 8 O Term (October 22-26)

Week 9 Grapes of Wrath (due October 30) (No School Monday)

Week 10 The Kite Runner (due November 5) (1/2 day on Friday)


Quarter 2---10 weeks of class


Week 1 Giovanni’s Room (due November 12)
Week 2 Persepolis (due November 19)
Week 4 1984 (due December 3)
Week 5 The Things they Carried (due December 10)
Week 6 Into the Wild (due December 17)
Week 7 Winter Break (December 24-January 2)
Week 8 Poetry Unit(due January 3) (Two day week)
Week 9 Poisonwood Bible (due January 7)
Week 10 Final Film Work///Poetry Continued



Other Resources:





Lenses We Have Studied As A Class:


Archetypal (Their Eyes Were Watching God)

Cultural Materialism ( Invisible Man)

Narratology (In the Time of the Butterflies)

Trauma Theory (Obasan)

Historical Lens (Grapes of Wrath)

EcoCriticism (Into the Wild)

PostColonial (Poisonwood Bible)

Postmodernism and Deconstructionism (Frog Saves Tokyo)



General Overview Literary Theory Resources:

Appleman Resources

CIS Resources


Cool Stuff

http://glassbooth.org/gbapp/index.php/Topic (nifty quiz to find the perfect political candidate for your personal views)

http://www.climatecrisis.net/takeaction/carboncalculator/ (page to determine your carbon foot print)






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